Wine & Tradition


Lyceum Club of Greek Women - Winery

The building of the Lyceum Club of Greek Women is one of the most historical and beautiful buildings in Kavala...

This traditional building was a Jewish school until 3rd of March of 1943. We will tour around in the building, we will learn its history, we will see traditional costumes and we will learn secrets of the tradition and the everyday life of our ancestors...

Join us and travel through time... Explore our customs, our tradition and our cultural heritage...

Greek people have a special relation with wine and this is obvious from our history, our tradition, our customs and our diet. Our region is known for the great production of all kinds of wines.

So, our next stop will be in one of the many wineries in the region, where we will tour around its production rooms and of course we will taste them!

Combine it!



Wine & Religion


Lydia's Baptistery - Winery

Our tour will begin from the Baptistery of Saint Lydia. There we will have the chance to visit and see the exact spot where Saint Lydia was baptized by Apostle Paul. She was the first Christian woman in Europe. The Baptistery is built on the banks of Zigaktis River and it is a quiet and tranquil place.

We are now moving towards one of the many wineries in our region near Mount Paggaio. Through a fantastic tour in the winery and the vineyards -unless it's the period of vine harvest- we will learn all the secrets of nice wines, of their production and, of course, we will taste them!



Wine & History


Archaeological site & Museum of Philippi - Winery

This historical tour will start from the most important archaeological site of Eastern Macedonia, the archaeological site of Philippi. Our region has a vast history starting from the Hellenistic and the Roman period and the Battle in Philippi, till the time of Apostle Paul and the spread of Christianity in Europe. You will have the chance to visit monuments with unique architectural features without modern interventions. Last but not least, the archaeological site of Philippi has a huge number of inscriptional monuments.

Now, we will move on to the archaeological museum of Philippi which has two exhibition rooms filled with findings from the excavation of the ancient town.

When we finish our historical tour, we will depart to taste great wines of the region! As soon as we arrive at the winery, we will start our tour through the vineyards, -unless it's the period of vine harvest- through the wine production rooms and the cellars and last we will taste some of the best wines in the region!

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