Kavala, a town in Northern Greece, is known for its rich civilization and its vast history. At the beginning of this tour, you will have the chance to explore the city of Kavala. Some of the places you will see are the old town of Kavala, named Panagia, the old aquaduct and the historical peninsula. The whole guided tour will be on foot so that you have the chance to admire the splendor of this town from a closer look.

Next stop will be at the archaeological site of Philippi, which is the most important archaeological site in Eastern Macedonia. The monuments you will see there come from the Hellenistic, Roman and Early Christian periods. The ancient amphitheater, at the entrance of the archaeological site, is one of the most well reserved theaters in whole Greece. Moreover, you can visit the Roman Forum (Agora), which was city's administrative center, 2 christian churches (Basilica A and Basilica B) and the Octagonal church which was the episcopal church of Philippi.

We are now moving on to the Baptistery of Saint Lydia, which lies in about 1 km long from the archaeological site of Philippi. The Baptistery is built next to the banks of Zigaktis River and it is a quiet and tranquil place. There Lydia of Philippi became the first recorded woman who was baptized a Christian in Europe by Apostle Paul. It is constructed a temple-baptistery in the exact place she was baptized and an outdoor baptistery next to the banks of Zigaktis River.